Pediatric Research Workshop - Sunday October 31, 2021

Primary Prophylaxis of Variceal Hemorrhage, Complexities in the Development of Evidence-Based Approaches in Pediatrics

Sunday October 31, 2021
Background and Rationale for Investigation
Moderators: T. Grammatikopoulos (London), B. Shneider (Houston)
15.00 Introduction and goals
B.L. Shneider (Houston)
15.05 Morbidity and mortality of first variceal hemorrhage
J. Molleston (Indianapolis)
15.25 Experiences in Endoscopic Primary Prophylaxis
M. Duché (Paris)
15.45 Rationale for Primary Prophylaxis in Adults
R. de Franchis (Milan)
16.05 Complexity of a Randomized Clinical Trial in Pediatrics
S.C. Ling (Toronto)
16.25 International Registries in Pediatric Liver Diseases - The PSC Experience
M. Deneau (Salt Lake City)
16.45 Open Discussion - Q&A^
Research Plan Discussion
Moderators: S. Ling (Toronto), B. Shneider (Houston)
17.20 Introduction of a Pediatric Portal Hypertension Registry
B. Shneider (Houston)
17.30 Presentation of the First Variceal Hemorrhage Database
J. Pimenta (Belo Horizonte)
17.45 Presentation of the Primary Prophylaxis Database
T. Grammatikopoulos (London)
18.00 Primary and Pre-primary Prophylaxis of Variceal Hemorrhage with the MesoRex Bypass and a MesoRex Bypass Registry
R. Superina (Chicago)
18.15 Registry Discussion^
19.00 Concluding Remarks
J. Bosch^ (Berne)
19.15 Plans Forward
B. Shneider ^ (Houston)

* times CET ^ all talks are pre-recorded with the exception of the ones marked by ^ which will be as a panel discussion with on-line questions via a chat-type function

Jaime Bosch - Bern, Switzerland
Roberto de Franchis - Milan, Italy
Mathieu Duché - Paris, France
Tassos Grammatikopoulos - London, United Kingdom
Simon C. Ling - Toronto, Canada
Jean P. Molleston - Indianapolis, USA
Júlio R. Pimenta - Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Benjamin L. Shneider - Houston, USA
Riccardo Superina - Chicago, USA